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Please note: Cameron is now only available for Sports Therapy appointments. From 1/7/22 these & hot stone massage treatments will incur a $5 surcharge. Saturday appointments will incur a 10% surcharge – this is to help cover the cost of higher therapist wages for the day.

Want an appointment sooner that what’s available? The best thing to do here is to book the next appointment that works for you. Following that either call or email us so we can add you to our “priority appointment” (cancelation) list. The best email address is

Not sure what appointment type you need? We’ve included any specialty type appointment as a seperate appointment type. If you are after any of the hand on forms of massageremedial massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, sports massage etc. book a standard appointment.

Some extra stuff that’s good to know:

Initial consultations are for new clients only. If you have been before, and are booking for a new issue or treatment type you are still an existing client.

Additionally, if you have any questions before making your booking, we’re always happy to chat – Please call or email. Also we’ve put some links below to some really useful info on this site.

Extra Info

Firstly here is a list of links to our services.

Secondly, if you’re after more info on a specific area of pain or injury. We’ve put together a wealth of knowledge, which can be found in the links below (some are still being put together):