Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage treatments are available with Grace in Healesville & Seville.

The History 

The use of heated stones has been around for centuries. In saying this, it is hard to find who was the first to use hot stones to help promote well-being. 

The different methods of hot stones massage were once passed down from one generation to the next. Over many thousands of years in many different cultures, constantly changing and adapting. 

It was said that this art was almost forgotten.

Bring on 1993 and it’s reintroduction to the world by a licensed physio, Mary Nelson.

In the early 90’s there wasn’t any studies or research to prove how hot stones massage were beneficial to the body, but as the therapy became more popular and more modernised, a lot more scientific studies have been done to show the benefits for everyday people. 

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage.

There are so many benefits in getting a hot stone massage! 

Let’s start with relaxation, as most know, remedial massage is not relaxing! But, when we accompany this remedial massage with hot stones. It will have more of a relaxation massage or a sense of being pampered feeling.

Now, when you are relaxed with hot stones, there a several things that may happen.  

Your mind starts to sync with your body, the tension seems to slowly disappear, your body starts producing serotonin and dopamine leaving you feeling semi serene, and while this is happening, your blood vessels are dilating and allowing blood flow, increasing circulation, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard, and you slowly forget all of dramas and stress for that moment. 

You are now having some much needed you time. 

You may also feel tender spots during the session that you didn’t know were there, but don’t worry, hot stones to the rescue! 

Acting like a hot water bottle, it starts to slowly decrease the pain in that spot, and you are back to feeling relaxed. 

When the session is over, your left feeling relaxed and rather tired.  

Have a drink of water, breathe, and when you do actually go to sleep, you should wake up feeling alert and energised. 

What To Do Next.

Want to experience a hot stone massage and the fantastic benefits?

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