Sports Massage

Sports Massage – For athletes & active people!

Our Sports Massage treatments offers a wealth of benefits for both elite & “Weekend Warrior” athletes!

We love to keep you active! We also hate you in pain. The last thing we want is pain or injury to have more negative impacts on your health because you are unable to exercise or be active.

When we started Rapid Recovery, we wanted to bring the level of care that elite & professional athletes receive to our local community. Above all, I know that this level of care is perfect for any of our local athletes, people who go to gym, or people who love to exercise.

This type of sports massage can be very beneficial to:

Keep active, people active.

We love when people come in before you’ve hurt yourself. For people who are active maintenance is so important, yet often overlooked.

In fact many professional athletes will have a minimum of 4 compulsory massage sessions per week. Why? In brief, the teams want them to remain pain and injury free, be in a better state of mind and most of all perform better.

Now we aren’t saying that “Weekend Warriors” or people who get sore from going to gym need to come 4 times a week. However in saying that, many people will get huge benefits from a fortnightly or monthly massage.

Avoid niggles & prevent injuries.

Everyone hates niggles. You’re trying to be active and you have this frustrating part of your body that just doesn’t want to cooperate. Worse still, when this niggle is left and turns into an actual injury.

As we were saying before, we love when people come in before this stage. So if you are active, the maintenance we talked about is key to staying pain, niggle and injury free.

Helps you get back to your best if you are injured.

We don’t like that you come to us in pain or injured. But, we do do love to help.

For active people injuries are one of the worst things that can happen. This is feeling can be exaggerated if you are now missing an event you’ve spent bulk hours training for or a key game. Not to mention that negative health impacts of not being active due to injury.

We will do everything we can, to get you positive results quickly. We understand that you may be training for an event, have finals coming up or that you just want to be active to stay healthy. Therefore, we tailor our treatment plans to the individual and your circumstances. In many cases we offer a fast track or standard approach.

Why choose Rapid Recovery for your Sports Massage?

Rapid Recovery uses result driven treatment – we want to get you results & fast. Our treatment methods are the same being used on Australia’s & the worlds best athletes. This provides you with a number of key benefits which in turn boost your performance & decrease risk of injury! Who doesn’t want that? For instance, professional athletes often have up to 4 sessions per week, sometimes more!

The benefits of Sports Massage

Whether you are an elite athlete yourself, you run or exercise for fun (or because you know you should), or belong to one of our local sports teams we can help your body perform better & decrease your injury risk.

Please note: We would rather treat you with a niggle than an injury – don’t push through pain!

The top 5 Major Benefits of sports massage:

  • Decreased recovery time (from both training & injury)
  • Improved muscular performance
  • Reduced muscular fatigue
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Reduced risk of niggles

Why use Sports Massage for Maintenance?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how the maintenance side of things work. Here’s a really good example of how it helps:

Thousands of fibres make up a muscle. When a muscle fiber contracts it does so fully, there is no such thing as a partially contracted muscle fiber. In a tight muscle a certain % of these muscle fibers remain in a fully contracted position. Now think about this…

The remaining fibers cannot produce the same force so strength and power go down. In terms of endurance these fibers now must work harder, they fatigue quicker. Your performance goes down. You’re at a higher risk of muscles and/ or joint injuries if muscles are fatigued and tight.

Maintenance treatments work on these tight muscles, to improve your performance and decrease your injury risk.

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