Pregnancy Massage

Teagan Chapman - Healesville Pregnancy Massage Therapist.
Teagan Chapman, a pregnancy massage therapist at Rapid Recovery.

Pregnancy Massage

Meet Teagan, Rapid Recovery’s pregnancy massage therapist. Teagan has a keen interest/ talent in prenatal care (pregnancy massage) & loves looking after new mums! 

As far as we know she is the only remedial massage therapist in the entire Yarra Valley with extra training as a certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist.  

In the case that you cannot find a time that works for you with Teagan, Grace (our backup pregnancy massage therapist) has also completed extra training in pregnancy massage. 

How Pregnancy Massage Can Help:

There are many changes in a women’s body through pregnancy. Changes in hormones will affect you both mentally and physically. 

From a physical point of view, your body must adapt to these changes caused by an enlarging uterus to house the tiny little human growing inside of you. This will change your centre of gravity which often results in trigger points (knots), muscular pain & increased fatigue levels. 

Pregnancy massage can help ease this pain, resulting in improved fatigue levels and a more enjoyable pregnancy. Who else better to deliver that treatment, than someone who is extremely well qualified not just in massage, but in pregnancy massage itself! 

Most pregnancy massage treatments are only focused around relaxation, which is excellent. That’s unless you have specific conditions you are seeking treatment for. Here we are able to take a remedial approach and assist the more serious concerns you may have. This will turn your pregnancy massage into a relaxing remedial treatment. 

The focal point of pregnancy massages can be: 
  • Relieving lower back pain 
  • Preventing hip/gluteal pain 
  • Rib discomfort, increasing diaphragm expansion 
  • Decreasing headaches
  • Treating night cramps (especially in the calves)
  • Reducing swelling/ oedema in hands, feet and legs

As we release tension within muscles, we improve the function of muscles allowing for more stabilised joints. This is extremely important considering relaxin is pumping through your body, softening tendons and ligaments.  

During pregnancy, ensuring your muscles are in perfect condition will ease pain and prevent possible injury or aggravation of current issues. It will also help prepare your body for labour and recovery.  

Why use pregnancy massage?

Massage during your pregnancy is fantastic if: 
  • You’re suffering pregnancy related aches and pains 
  • You are wanting to prevent pregnancy related aches and pains 
  • Suffered from pain before pregnancy  
  • Are pregnancy and just want a massage!
  • You’re breast/ bottle feeding and have upper back or neck pain (yes, we do post natal treatment!)
  • Wanting to begin/ continue exercise while pregnant

If you are after relaxation/ de-stressing massage OR you require pain relief for general pregnancy related aches & pains/ injury our pregnancy massage therapists can help. They will tailor a treatment and individualised plan to meet your specific concerns.

We have pregnancy support cushions available to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment. We also use formulated pregnancy oils specific to your current trimester.

What exactly will pregnancy massage do?

Pregnancy massage relieves stress and promotes relaxation. Firstly from a chemical point of view, it helps to lower cortisol (the stress hormone levels) & releases both serotine & dopamine (the feel good chemicals).

Secondly it does this is while it’s also decreasing muscular aches and pains.

Thirdly, it will increase blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling and cramping.

Finally it will also help decompress and decrease stress through weight baring joints. While also bringing back/keeping full function of muscles associated with pregnancy.   

The importance of a therapist with extra training 

Even though most remedial therapists are “trained” in pregnancy massage, it usually only consists of a few days of study.  

Having a massage therapist who has undergone extra training means they are more aware of potential risks to protect you and your baby. They also have greater knowledge of the pregnant body. Including changes that occur and how to prevent or help manage pregnancy specific conditions.  

If you have specific conditions or concerns, having therapist with greater knowledge will also ensure your treatment is targeted towards your goals & safe. While also bringing you a sense of calm & confidence.

When can you start?

First Trimester:

The best time to begin your treatment is early as possible, preferably in the first trimester.

There is absolutely no research out there that indicates massage having negative effects on the baby’s development. Also there is none that indicated it playing a role in miscarriage.   

There is nothing we do in the clinic that will bring harm to you or your baby. It is extremely safe from day one!  

The Second & Third Trimesters

Even if you are well into your pregnancy, you haven’t missed the boat. Although each trimester has its own focuses, you can absolutely begin if you are in your second or third trimester! No matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, there is a whole list of ways we can help you during your pregnancy! 

If you are already experiencing pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, it is perfect time to receive treatment. However, seeking treatment before this point is extremely beneficial.  

Conditions have a very good chance of worsening during pregnancy as your body is still changing rapidly.  

Your therapist will adjust treatment for your particular concerns and tailor them each time you receive your massage.  

Where to from here?

To book a Pregnancy massage with Teagan or Grace visit our location page for Healesville here. OR even easier you can now book online: 

Or if you want more info on pregnancy massage we have a dedicated website, here’s the link.

Pregnancy Massage in Healesville.