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What is remedial massage?

Remedial Massage aims to give you fast and long term pain relief, as well as optimizing movement & decreasing risk of injury. It uses several different massage techniques to loosen connective tissues such as muscles & ligaments.

The definition according to Medibank Private is “the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.”

However, Let’s break that down a bit more. To put it basically, your treatment will include an assessment of your pain/ injury followed by treatment to the damaged and surrounding soft tissues.

Compared to many other forms of therapy, it treats a broader area. We know that when your in pain you move differently.

Firstly, think of a knee issue? Often with changes in your movement patterns, the hip will also be affected. Similarly, what about hip pain? These changes will often affect the lower back as well. We focus the treatment on the injured area, but we don’t neglect the areas that have been compensating.

This is how remedial massage is often successful in helping people in pain where other therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy have failed. In summary, the way we think of the definition is…

In summary, our remedial massage treatments eliminate pain & restore function to injured, sore or tight tissues/ muscles.

Why would you need Remedial Massage?

Treatment can benefit you in a number of different scenario’s. So here’s our top 10.

If you…

  • Have an injury?
  • Are in pain.
  • Have general soreness?
  • Are naturally tight?
  • Do sport or exercise? Can almost guarantee there will be a few tightness spots affecting your performance
  • Have niggles.
  • Do you suffer headaches?
  • Want to be able to move better
  • Suffer from arthritis
  • Are recovering from a knee/ hip replacement or back surgery

If you answered YES to any question above, you will benefit from Remedial Massage. You are the type of person we get fantastic results & love to work with.

Does Remedial Massage work?

Clinical studies have shown that repeat treatments & corrective exercises are effective in speeding up recovery while providing symptomatic relief without the need for medication in a number of chronic conditions including back pain. The results can be almost immediate, most clients feel a difference after 1 session, generally a big difference after 3. It is often successful where other forms of treatment have failed.

Remedial Massage is also highly effective at preventing injuries. Healthy & pain free clients can be surprised to discover they still have tightness & biomechanical dysfunction. Often leading to injury. Remedial Massage treats this before the injury occurs!

For this reason, high level athletes use remedial massage to reduce & prevent future injuries, that same principle can benefit everyone. In fact these professional athletes often have 4 compulsory sessions per week!

Our therapist will work through your previous history of injuries, current complaint, work status & (if applicable) sporting goals to develop a targeted plan specifically for you. It is also very beneficial to people already being treated (co-treating) with physiotherapists, chiropractors & osteopaths.

Treatment is tailored to the individual and is not just targeted towards the “Sporty type”. In fact, many of our clients suffer pain from general life activities and do no fitness or sporting activities.

Want us to show you that remedial massage works, and we get results? Click here to view some of our testimonials.

The Pain/ Injuries Remedial Massage can help:

This type of treatment can be fantastic for a variety of conditions. This is still often the case if you’ve tried physiotherapy, osteopathy or physiotherapy and haven’t got the results you wanted.

For example, remedial Massage can be fantastic for:

What benefits does remedial massage give?

We’ve talked about what it can do, but how does it do it? For example, here’s a list of the top 5 benefits:

  1. Decreases pain
  2. Improves flexibility in muscles
  3. Improves join range of motion
  4. I will optimise the healing environment by improving blood flow (brings nutrient rich blood to the area which is required for healing)
  5. Reduces stress – stress impedes healing

Whats the difference between remedial, deep tissue & soft tissue massage?

Fantastic question. To start with the difference between soft tissue massage & deep tissue massage was talked about in our massage section, you can view that here. To summarise this, soft tissue & deep tissue massage are effectively the same type of treatment.

These two are more of a general treatment. It could involve a massage to your legs and you back. It could be both legs. Even just your back. If you have pain, injury or tightness it will also involve remedial massage.

We mentioned earlier about what remedial massage is. The most basic description is a from of massage to help relieve pain and promote healing in damaged and tight tissues.

This means, if we are working through any area that you are suffering from pain, injury or tightness the treatment is classed as a remedial massage.

Still confused? We understand. Many places offer these different kinds of massage and when asked can’t actually tell you difference. That’s why we have people book for treatment time and your therapist discusses what you are wanting from your session at the start of the appointment.

Can I claim my private health insurance?

Yes! All of our therapists are covered by private health insurance. We also have a HICAPS machine for on the spot claims.

I hurt myself at work, do you offer sessions funded by WorkSafe Victoria?

Another Yes! Our therapists are registered with WorkSafe Victoria to provide services. For more information please click this link; Take me to remedial massage for work cover.

Why choose Rapid Recovery?

We now have a page dedicated to why you should choose us. Click here to view the “Why Us” page. Our remedial massage treatment, is what the building of the clinics success started with.

You can book your remedial massage in Healesville by calling (03) 5962 5446. In saying that, are online booking is really simple, just click the button below.