Massage for Pain, Injury & Performance

Rapid Recovery was the 1st massage clinic in Australia to receive a 2022 WOMO service award.

Located in Healesville & Seville.

Healesville: (03) 5962 5446

Seville: 0488 660 491

Our mission is to “Empower PAIN FREE living through evidence based, result driven treatment.”

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Why we exist:

Rapid Recovery was founded on bringing the principles in massage & rehab from a professional sporting environment to the local community of Healesville. Although there were plenty of relaxation massage services within our local area, there was nowhere dedicated to providing the benefits that the highest quality, deep tissue massage could provide. In particular, none to help people to help with pain, injury or performance. Then Rapid Recovery was born.

Consequently our treatment is targeted to the areas that you want/ need to be worked on. Above all it helps with pain reduction, reduced aches & stiffness. Additionally it will help you to relax, recover and for your body to perform at it’s best!

Massage for Back Pain

Our targeted massage gets fantastic results for people with various types of back pain.

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Massage for Headaches

We release specific muscle and soft tissue in your head, neck & upper back to give rapid relief to people who suffer headaches.

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Massage to keep you active

We love to help people become more active and stay pain free. Whether that’s just to help you exercise more or to boost performance for an event.

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Massage for injuries

Massage has been shown to be an effective treatment for many injuries. Our targeted and result driven treatment aims to get you fast and fantastic results.

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So do you want your body to function at it’s ultimate level? Additionally would you like to live a pain free life? Have your body perform like it never has before? What’s more, Take less pain meds? Not to mention, sleep better? Also, be able to do what you want to do, pain free?

 Evidently, You’ve found the right place!

Rapid Recovery’s Healesville Massage Clinic

Our Remedial Massage treatment gets fantastic results for people who:

  • Want to feel fantastic & have their body function at it’s optimal level
  • Suffer chronic pain
  • Want to live a pain free active life
  • Suffer lower back pain
  • Suffer from headaches
  • Have acute injuries
  • Want to maintain their body for peak performance
  • Have degenerative change/ arthritis
  • get a tight/ sore upper back & neck
  • Have poor posture
  • Who hate being in pain!

Complimentary Phone Consults Available!

Not sure if what we offer is what you need? Have questions about treatment or which therapist would be best for you? Have questions about whether our treatment can help your pain or injury?

Click here to find out more about our complimentary phone consults.

Rapid Recovery has received WOMO service awards every year since 2018, often receiving them before any other massage or allied health clinic in the country.

Emergency Appointments? Try Priority Appointments!

We keep appointments spare so that at the start of each day (except Saturday’s) we have PRIORITY appointments available. So why priority appointments? Because if you need an appointment that day… we make getting you in our priority!

Call our friendly reception team in Healesville on (03) 5962 5446 or Seville 0488 660 491.


Remedial Massage in Healesville & Seville

Remedial Massage

Targeted massage for specific injuries, pain and niggles.

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Myotherapy in Healesville & Seville


Several soft tissue massage and mobilisation techniques for injuries, pain and niggles.

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Deep Tissue Massage in Healesville & Seville

Deep Tissue Massage

A part of remedial massage, aimed at loosening tight muscles, optimising movement & helping you to live a pain free life.

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Sports Massage in Healesville & Seville

Sports Massage

Another part of remedial massage, used as more of a maintenance approach to prevent injuries, improve your body’s performance and iron out any niggles before they become more serious.

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Dry Needling in Healesville & Seville

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a fantastic tool used in conjunction with remedial massage and/ or myotherapy. We use very thin needles to help release trigger points to decrease pain and improve quality of movement.

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Hot Stone Massage

Are you stressed or super tight. Do you want a treatment that’s more relaxing, and almost melts your muscles before they are worked on?

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Pregnancy Massage

Are you looking for pregnancy or post natal treatment? We also run Yarra Valley Pregnancy Massage, for more info click the button below.

For more info on our clinic locations please follow these links:

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Rapid Recovery offers massage, remedial massage, myotherapy, sports therapy, dry needling, hot stone massage & pregnancy massage in Healesville.

Click here for Seville

Rapid Recovery offers massage, remedial massage, myotherapy, sports therapy, dry needling & pregnancy massage in Seville.

Where to from here?

Firstly, We love helping people to live pain free and active lives. We also love to make a difference to the lives of people in our local community.

So, let us help you get back to your best, call us in Healesville on (03) 5962 5446 or Seville 0488 660 491 to make an appointment today! Additionally, even easier book online NOW, it’s super easy, time efficient & can be done 24/7.

If you have questions on any of our treatments and whether they would benefit you please give Rapid Recovery a call or email us –

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