Back Pain? Here is why dry needling can help you…

How does Dry Needling help with Back Pain? 

Have a sore back? Let’s stick you with needles to make it feel better! That makes complete sense……. right? 

Dry Needling is pretty much that, BUT there is a science to it as well.  

Needles are not just thrown in randomly, there are certain points that the qualified therapist can locate to help ease pain. 

No, there is not any anaesthetic on the needles to ease the pain. It is just a filiform needle, the same as what the acupuncturist uses, and No, Dry Needling is not the same as acupuncture! 

Why are they not the same? Dry Needling is focused on muscle tissue, whilst acupuncture focuses on energy flows. 

So hence why Dry Needling is highly effective in easing back pain as back pain (a lot of the time) is caused by the muscles not functioning properly. 

There are so many muscles that help with your everyday movement and like most things they can only take so much. 

Dry Needling will help to ease and change the Trigger points that can refer pain to other areas, also increase your range of motion as it may have been limited due to pain or tightness. 

Like most therapists, we would all love to say, “There you go, your fixed!’, after one session. If that were the case, I would be a millionaire! 

You will, however, notice some difference in either pain levels and/or increased movement, depending on your body’s reaction. 

In every therapy, it may work for some but not others. Your therapist may offer Dry Needling if they feel it would benefit your situation, but if you are not comfortable then do not feel pressured to! 

Just keep in mind that ‘There are no bad needles, just bad needlers!’ 

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