Our BEST tip for HEADACHE SUFFERERS who sit at a desk….

Do you sit at a desk? Do you get headaches?

Want an absolutely awesome tip that we’ve found has made a huge difference to our clients?

We often find that people who sit at a desk, slaving away on a computer all day are much tighter through their right side shoulder & neck…. why?

Many people simply leave there right hand resting on the mouse for hours on end. This causes an internal rotation of the shoulder and this prolonged posture results in tightness through the back of the shoulder and neck – potentially resulting in headaches.

Obviously you need to use the mouse, so…. don’t leave it there all day.

The best tip we give for this is: If you are reading something on the screen, simply make it so you have a full screen of reading up there and then….

Take your hand of the mouse!

While you are reading sit with good posture and/ or roll your shoulders around. Then place it back to move the screen to the next section and repeat.

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