About Us

The Clinic

Rapid Recovery was created with the idea to form an amazing massage therapist team. We wanted to bring the quality massage elite athletes receive back to our local community. We Started renting a space out of a chiropractic clinic. This grew quickly, to now having 6 therapists in a 3 room, massage dedicated clinic. We also use a treatment room at the Healesville Wellness Factory.

Since moving to our new dedicated space we’ve won several service and business awards. This includes being the first massage clinic in Australia to receive a 2020 WOMO service award.

Much of this success is due to Rapid Recovery’s mission… “To empower pain free living, through evidence based, result driven treatment”. We do this by offering massage dedicated to helping people with pain, injury & performance.

This mission & drive to get our clients fantastic results is applied to every treatment.  These treatments involve a range of hands on techniques, mostly massage, remedial massage or myotherapy. Each session is targeted to reduce stiffness, improve mobility & decrease pain. This results in your body’s improved performance both in a daily life & sporting setting. Regular massage treatment will help to improve your overall health which results in less drugs and a fitter you!

Our Therapists:

Lauren Sparkes – Remedial Massage Therapist

After being a headache suffer for many years, and finding that a quality massage gave better relief than anything. Lauren made the move to do her massage course and help as many people as she possibly can.

Lauren has become a fantastic asset to Rapid Recovery. She can treat all parts of the body. But in saying that, her specialty is upper back and neck issues – especially headaches. Lauren also runs any corporate treatments we do.

If you suffer headaches, upper back pain or tightness through these areas (particularly if you work at a desk) Lauren is your girl!

Lauren looks after most of Rapid Recovery’s work cover remedial massage clients. For more info on remedial massage under work cover, click here.

Holleigh Mann – Remedial Massage Therapist

Holleigh joins Rapid Recovery after spending time working with NBL (Pro Basketball) team the South East Melbourne Phoenix & A-League (Pro Soccer) team Melbourne Victory.

She has also spent the last 4 years as trainer for the Ringwood Football Club.

On top of this she has worked events including the Melbourne Marathon, Melbourne Stomp and donated time to work with staff at the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Holleigh’s passion is helping people with injury & pain become more active… and stay that way!

Holleigh is a fantastic choice of therapist for anyone suffering acute and/ or chronic injuries or pain. Her knowledge base allows her to get to the source and help to give you a reason why you are experiencing this pain.

Her history of working with some of Australia’s top level sports teams across various codes also makes her a fantastic choice for anyone with sports related injuries. She can help you to get on top of your injury quickly and give you advice to help prevent it from reoccurring.

Malik Aganovic – Remedial Massage Therapist

A main aim of starting Rapid Recovery was to bring the level of care that elite & professional athletes receive to our local community and have it accessible for everyone. We believe everyone deserves to live a pain free, active life.

It really excites me to introduce you to Malik Aganovic. A sport lover and music enthusiast who has a big interest in health & fitness. He fits what we were looking for perfectly!

Not only is Malik one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet. Malik spent 2019 with the Western Bulldogs AFL team. With this experience he picked up a wealth of knowledge & hands on experience. Which he now brings back to our local community.

Malik has exceptional hands on skills, can absolutely nail pain causing trigger points & can iron out any tight muscle.

He is an excellent choice of therapist for anyone who is suffering pain or niggles from becoming more active, injuries from sport/ exercise or who suffers from back pain.

For more info on sports massage (which Malik excels at), click here.

Teagan Chapman – Remedial Massage Therapist & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

After having her mum pay Teagan to massage her back from a very young age, Teagan grew a passion for helping people in chronic pain. Additionally, Teagan suffered chronic lower back pain throughout her teenage years. With this, she only felt relief with remedial massage. Now treating chronic pain is her career!

Teagan’s super power is helping people with a variety of chronic pain issues – in particular chronic back pain. She’s also worked in a direct to business setting working with the corporate sector of one of Australia’s biggest car companies helping to iron out issues arising from massive hours of desk work.

Teagan is also our chief pregnancy therapist for more info on pregnancy massage, click here.

Additionally, she has experience in numerous sporting settings including soccer, basketball, netball & ultimate frisbee (yes it is a real sport!).

If you suffer chronic pain – particularly back pain, are currently pregnant or have young children, Teagan is your girl!

Grace Tauiliili – Remedial Massage Therapist & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Grace is a mum to 3, a sports lover (plays up to 5 games of netball per week) and an avid photographer.

Grace’s super power is helping to keep active people active! Whether it be keeping you moving as you age, helping you recover from those gym workouts (and not let soreness cause you to drop out) or helping you to absolutely smash through the line in your next run…. Grace is your girl!

Grace has also been selected to work at several Melbourne marathons. While also helping at her sons rugby games and being the go to girl at netball for any injuries.

In fact, being able to find those tight and tender areas is one of Grace’s biggest assets. She also has extra training in pregnancy massage & hot stone massage.

For more info on pregnancy massage, click here.

Hot stone massage has a range of benefits, want more info? Click here.

If you walk, run, play sport or do another form of physical activity I would personally book with Grace!

Cameron Arnott – Sports Therapist & Remedial Massage Therapist

Cameron holds an Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy after graduating from his 3 year full time course at the Australian College of Sports Therapy.

Since then, he has worked with many elite and professional athletes as well as local sporting clubs. In addition he has donated time to charity events such as the Oxfam Trail Walk. With over 10 years experience Cameron has reached the top of his field having worked with many national & international athletes.

Cameron is committed to serving his clients to the highest possible standards for both Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage appointments. The emphasis of treatment is fixing the cause of the injury, thus minimising any future disruption this injury will have.

Through his knowledge and understanding of the human body Cameron will have you back to your best in no time!

Finally, here is a personal message from Cameron for people who suffer chronic pain:

“I personally believe many people live in pain or with dysfunction, when they don’t need to & don’t have to. But, I have seen many people who have lived in chronic pain for years without needing to. Above all, many say the reason for not seeking treatment is they didn’t know who to see or have been told by other health providers that nothing could be done or had unsuccessful treatments. Basically, my message is don’t be one of these people. In particular, don’t live in chronic pain, call me to see if I can help you!”.

For more info on sports therapy, click here.