What’s more effective… Remedial Massage or Anti Inflammatory’s?

Remedial Massage Healesville:

What’s more effective for chronic lower back pain – Remedial Massage or Anti Inflammatory’s?

It’s a question we are often asked and with an over reliance by many on pharmaceutical drugs we thought we’d have our evidence based input.

In many cases, particularly with more chronic injuries inflammation isn’t the prime issue causing the pain… the majority of the time the prime pain causing structure is the muscle and other soft tissues. Taking an “anti inflamm” really won’t make the world of difference.

Want to see some evidence of this? Check out this study:


It found that “DTM had a positive effect on reducing pain in patients with chronic low back pain. Concurrent use of DTM and NSAID contributed to low back pain reduction in a similar degree that the DTM did.” (DTM – Deep Tissue Massage) (NSAID – Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug)

Obviously there are times where anti inflammatory’s are required and can offer significant relief. Realistically the reality is that there often overused when manual therapy should be implemented.

This overuse often leads to people seeking treatment out at a later stage then they should. It results in a longer pain episode and longer healing times.

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