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Massage can be an extremely effective tool to help people with pain, stress, lack of movement, recovery from surgery, injury recovery and the list goes on.

So, if you’re having a quick look here I’m thinking you want to see if what we offer is what you want? For this reason, let’s make it simple for you…

We treat a large variety of clients, for example: Fit people, less fit people, office workers, tradies, older, younger, retirees, schoolchildren, mums, dads. In summary, we treat everyone – providing that what we offer is what you want.

In short, if you want a day spa style, relaxing massage with the sound of waterfalls and birds singing in the background this isn’t the place for you. in saying that our treatment does promote loads of stress reduction. As well as our hot stone massage is amazing for relaxation, it’s just in a slightly different environment.

However, if you want an amazing massage (and you are local to Healesville) that can help with tightness, pain, stress or discomfort you couldn’t be in a better place!

Here are some examples of clients we love to work with and get fantastic results for:

If you suffer from….

OR If you…

  • Exercise and want to increase your performance
  • Want to limit niggles and help prevent injuries
  • Upon waking struggle to get moving – particularly through feet or back
  • Are stressed & feel tense
  • Want to live healthier, healthier pain free life

You are the type of person we get fantastic results for & love to work with.

The Pressure We Use

We 100% understand that pressure during massage treatment is individual preference. Accordingly, we take great care to tailor your treatment to what you want. On our history form filled out before your first session we ask about the pressure you generally like from massage treatments.

Your therapist will also check in about the pressure they are applying several times throughout your session. Above all, they understand this is your session, and your time and can alter the treatment to be firmer or softer at any times.

Generally, the best way to think of our typical session would be more of a soft tissue massage or a deep tissue massage. We’re trying to make some physical and physiological changes within your body – not just rub some scented oil into your skin.

Finally, don’t be intimidated by the word deep tissue, these treatments are tailored to your wants and needs. Find out more about it below.

Soft Tissue or Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue? Sure we get into your muscles – but how deep is deep tissue. Compared to soft tissue, what is the difference?

In short & to be 100% honest they are essentially the same thing.

Firstly, deep tissue is massage of muscles and soft tissues. Think of it as a deeper massage than what you would get at a day spa with the added bonus of spending a little more time on areas of tightness and even some trigger point massage to help ease any pain.

Secondly, Soft tissue massage is the treatment of soft tissues. The same tissues as what we work on with deep tissue massage. It even uses the same techniques – hence why they are essentially the same thing.

Both of these are tailored treatments specific to your aim of the session, your body and your desired pressure.

In summary, if you want a massage, nice and Deep into the muscles tissue, which can have elements of “good pain” we adjust the session to meet this want. If you want a lighter session, that helps to release muscle tension and stress, improve the healing of injuries or helps to lift your mood and make you feel fantastic we tailor your session to meet this desire. This is your time!

What are the benefits of Soft Tissue Massage & Deep Tissue Massage?

This list could be massive, so Im’ going to focus on what I think are the top 10.

  1. Eases Pain
  2. Reduces tightness & stiffness
  3. Increases range of motion
  4. Improves the muscles ability to function, and hence your fatigue levels
  5. Improves recovery rate from injuries
  6. Decreases stress – reduction of cortisol (the stress. hormone)
  7. Helps focus and mental clarity
  8. Reduces your risk of injury – this includes acute injuries, osteoporosis arthritis and common degenerative diseases
  9. Improves your movement
  10. Helps to lift your mood and have you feeling good (serotonin and dopamine release)

What types of problems does Massage solve

So, where do we start! In brief, Massage has been used for centuries (if not more) to treat and ease symptoms of a variety of ailments. Some proven others not. We prefer to focus o what’s actually proven – and what we excel at!

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a pretty good start, for more info on any of these just click the link:

If one of these doesn’t match what you are suffering, please reach out. Call us and if no therapist is available at that time, we’ll have one call you to have a one on one chat to see if it’s something we can help with.

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