Why Us?

The Clinic

Massage premises can vary from dedicated professional clinics, to a spare room or to cramped shops, in the middle of busy shopping centres. Fortunately we have an extremely professional, dedicated, multi room massage clinic.

The vibe of the clinic whilst busy, is relaxed, caring and friendly. There’s water on arrival, there’s water on departure. We’ve tried to create the type of space that people love to come to.

Targeted & Result Driven Treatment

At Rapid Recovery we pride ourself on our treatment being targeted and result driven. We don’t want you coming for just a massage. We want you coming, getting a fantastic treatment, your areas of pain and tightness targeted and you getting fantastic results.

Our treatment is targeted towards your wants. We work with both short term (what are we getting out of todays treatment) and long term goals, to get your body moving and feeling as it should.


As far as we a aware, we are the most awarded massage clinic in the Yarra Valley, in fact we can’t find any clinic that helps people in pain with more awards.

Rapid Recovery WOMO service awards:
2018 – 2nd massage clinic in Vic to receive the award.
2019 – 1st (equal) massage clinic in Australia to receive the award.
2020 – 1st (outright) massage clinic in Australia to receive the award.
Rapid Recovery was a top 25 rank in the Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges.

We Aren’t a Shopping Centre Massage Clinic

This is one thing that infuriates me about our industry. Yes places in shopping centres are convenient. The majority of time you can just walk up and get a treatment. But at what risk?

I once had a chat to an un-named nurse who works at one of the more local emergency departments. She told me that they average more than a person a month attending ED after being to one of these types of places. I wonder how many others are in pain post treatment and haven’t ended up attending hospital?

From talking with some of our current clients who previously used these types of places, we know they can be a risk to anyone using them. Here’s the top 3 reasons why…

  • Unqualified therapists: Not all are, but there is a percentage of therapists working in these types of places that are “learning on the job”
  • No history taken: It’s impossible to deliver even an average service without taking a proper history. On top of that it’s also extremely dangerous
  • Lack of/ poor communication: These types of places are known for vigorous types of massage. Combine that with a lack of or poor communication and you enter the risk zone for poor results and risking injury
  • Insured? No qualification would make it very hard to get insurance. This won’t be good when something goes wrong.

In summary, they have often several therapists standing there waiting for a client to come through their door, so yes it’s convenient. But, with so many disaster stories, knowing that there’s every chance of coming out feeling worse and now knowing the info above. Is it really worth the risk?


In terms of the client – therapist relationship at Rapid Recovery, this is where we make a huge emphasis. Why? I’ve read studies that show the more a therapy recipient has trust in the practitioner, the greater results they achieve

Realistically, for you to trust a therapist you have to feel like they have listened to your problem, you have to feel like they understand your problem and you have to feel like they are going to help you with your problem. We do everything in our power to tick those boxes.

Our Massage Clinic Has Loads of 5 STAR Reviews

We have loads of 5 star reviews online, in fact we’ve compiled a list. Click here to take a look.

We Have a Simple to Use Online Booking Software

Our online booking system is extremely easy to use. Booking usually takes less than a minute. In fact you can book online with this button here:

What to expect in your massage session?

From every angle we strive to give you an exceptional experience, while giving you professional and thorough treatment.

After booking your fist appointment you will receive our client history form via text message. Your therapist will read through this before your session.

Initially we will run through your health & injury history, before establishing your goals for treatment.

Depending on goals/ injury the therapist will perform some range of motion or some specific injury tests to come up with the best plan for today’s session.

You then receive a fantastic treatment specific to your wants and needs. The therapist will check in on pressure several times throughout your session.

After the treatment your therapist may give you some exercises to do at home to help boost the effectiveness of your session. The will then run through a roadmap to help get you the longer term results you desire.

We Aren’t a “See You Next Week Massage Clinic

This is what brings the entire allied health industry down. It doesn’t matter the modality (Osteo, Physio, Chiro, Massage) the entire industry has some unethical people who do the wrong thing and have a see you next week approach. They have the idea this is best for their business when in fact it’s not.

We aren’t a see you next week clinic. Our thought is that if we achieve exceptional results for you, we’ll have a client whenever you need or want treatment. We know you’ll refer friends and family to us. By far our biggest source of new clients, is referral from our existing clients.

Now I’m not going to lie, particularly with new clients we often do need to see you again in a week, but we don’t continually try to get you back week after week when it’s not needed. Our recommendations are based on getting you the best outcome.

We actually have a pathway, developed specifically for Rapid Recovery to guide us through this process. As we get improvement we gradually step your sessions out. We do what we need to do, to get you fantastic results in a professional and ethical manner.

Our Therapists

Rapid recovery’s therpists pride themselves on a friendly and professional approach. Why choose them for their treatment?

We’ve already talked about trust and the way we deliver targeted, result driven treatment. When joining Rapid Recovery all of our therapists go through an extensive on-boarding process. They learn all the little things you don’t learn during your course that helps to deliver exceptional results for clients.

We also regularly run in house training sessions. As well our therapists do a extensive hours of external course time each year.

This ensures that your therapist is extremely knowledgeable and is treating you using the most up to date information and methods.

All of our therapists are:

  • Members of professional organisations – MAA, ANTA or MMA
  • Insured
  • Registered with private health insurance
  • Registered with WorkSafe Victoria

And The Number 1 Reason You Should Choose Our Massage Clinic… WE CARE.

We know being in pain, or not feeling the way want to sucks. We’re here to help.


  • Understand we have 2 ears & only 1 mouth for a reason. We listen.
  • Are empathetic.
  • Love to work towards your goals.
  • Are committed to you. We love to treat locals, because that’s who we can make a long term difference to.
  • Treat you like we are treating our Mum or Dad.
  • Only refer to people we know & trust.