Do you or someone you know use PAINKILLERS for Headaches?

Do you or someone you know use PAINKILLERS for Headache’s?

How often is too often?

To quote Headache Australia directly “In general too often is more than 2-3 days per week.” Why?

Anything over this can set of what is known as medication overuse headaches – basically an extra type of headache that develops from using acute pain medication too often (it doesn’t even have to be you are using it for a headache!).

As each dose of medicine wears off, the pain comes back, leading to more medication being taken. This overuse then starts to become a cause of the headache. It doesn’t even have to be that you were taking these pain meds of headaches.

How do you avoid this? Get the cause of the headache addressed. Tension headaches being by far the most common type of headache, therefore for most people this can be as easy as a few massage treatments combined with some specific exercises!

Trigger point therapy, combined with some other specific massage teckniques can help to reduce headache intensity, frequency & duration. Ultimately leading to no (or little) requirement for drugs. It really should be woven into most headache care pathways.



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