Ruth Kett – Remedial Massage Therapist/ Pregnancy Massage Therapist: Healesville & Seville

Ruth has spent several years working as a remedial massage therapist in a day spa environment and a local football club in Geelong.

She was fed up with working in a day spa environment where often her clientele were people on holidays and she wasn’t getting the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples lives.

We are thrilled to have Ruth onboard.

Her hands on skills are amazing, and she can now fulfil that desire of helping people in the long term, making a huge difference in their lives.

Ruth’s super power is helping to keep active people active! 

Whether it be keeping you moving as you age, helping you recover from those gym workouts (and not let soreness cause you to drop out) or helping you to absolutely smash through the line in your next run…. Ruth is your girl!

If you walk, run, play sport or do another form of physical activity I would personally book with Ruth!