Terms & Conditions

Rapid Recovery’s Late Notice Policy:

Unfortunately we have had to implement a late policy in order to keep our clinic running smoothly and to allow clients in need of treatment the opportunity to do so.

We often have clients on our Priority Appointment List in desperate need of an appointment.

It is the policy of our clinic that clients advise us of their inability to attend by 5pm the business day prior to the scheduled appointment time by calling 5962 5446. This enables us to give other people on the Priority Appointment list the ability to take up the appointment.

For appointments where there has not been given sufficient time or the appointment has been missed entirely – we require the full treatment fee to be paid within 7 days.

We thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

Consent to treatment:

I understand there are risks and benefits associated with this treatment. I will not proceed with treatment until I have asked my therapist any questions I have involving my treatment and I am satisfied with the answers given to me.

I understand that there are alternative therapies & I have the right to a second opinionI understand that the therapists aim is to improve my health & wellbeing by using techniques that they feel is necessary. However I understand that I still have the right to stop treatment at any stage. I understand that I am not being pushed into any form of treatment.

I have informed the therapist of any concerns that I have regarding my health and my

At any stage throughout my treatment that I feel pain or discomfort I will immediately tell my therapist, so that pressure or techniques can be adjusted to suit my comfort level. I understand that to help eliminate my problem some levels of pain may have to be experienced however pain should not be unbearable & I should communicate what I am feeling to the therapist.

I have supplied the therapist with correct information in the confidential patient questionnaire. To the best of my knowledge I have not left anything out. I understand if a health related issue of mine changes in the future it is  my responsibility to inform the therapist of these changes as a different form of treatment may need to be applied.

By agreeing to this, you agree for us to keep a client file for you containing clinical notes, medical reports and other personal information.