Massage Therapist – How your Massage Therapist keeps you active

WANT TO STAY ACTIVE? – Here is how your massage therapist (us) help you.


Who your massage therapist can help:


Are you trying to be more active, or your active and you want to stay that way? It’s a common occurrence, particularly this time of year – Spring hits, we start to exercise more, but do we look after our body more now we are putting it through extra physical activity. Activities that we aren’t used to or are doing more of? If this is you…. You are the type of person your massage therapist can help!

How your massage therapist helps you:


Your massage therapist makes your muscles function as they are supposed to. As we stress muscles (during exercise, particularly if we aren’t used to it), trigger points develop causing tightness, loss of function, pain & increased risk of injury.

A trigger point is an area of muscle where all fibers are in a fully locked position. This means they cannot contribute to a contraction, at the same time they make the fibers in that line of muscle tighter. This results in increased tension through the tendon & extra pulling at the tendons insertion into the bone – Not only does this cause the muscle to not function optimally, it is a major contributing factor to muscle strain/ tears, RSI and tendonopathy injuries.

From a performance point of view a trigger point will make a muscle weaker, have less power and fatigue quicker.

Your massage therapist will help using a range of soft tissue techniques. These release the trigger points – optimising muscular function, reducing post exercise recovery time, improving performance & decreasing your risk of injury.

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Remember prevention is better than a cure! Particularly when you factor in the time it takes to build your fitness – don’t let it be wasted.

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