Do you or a loved one suffer chronic pain?

Are you tired of living in pain, not being happy with how your body functions? Not sleeping well which affects your mood?  Chronic pain is horrible. It affects your day to day life, your sleep, your social life and the list goes on.

Do you want to live a pain free life, Throw away those painkillers, sleep better, be able to exercise so you look and feel amazing?

Then check this out 🙂

What are trigger points and why are they of significance? (This is how we can help your chronic pain)

Basically a trigger point is a tight area within a muscle. These are the points that when you push on are relatively painful. These trigger points often elicit a deep ache, sometimes in the area of the trigger point & sometimes in a referred area.

When we are in pain and particularly chronic pain our bodies reaction is to tighten in this area. 99% of the time there is trigger point formation. This increases pain levels & restricts movement. The muscle then tightens further, more trigger points develop and the vicious cycle of chronic muscle restriction begins.

In many of these cases this chronic pain may have started due to an acute injury. The body attempts to protect this by tightening around the area. However this acute injury can heal, and the guarding which is now just pain causing muscle tightness does not release – unless something is done about it!

How do we help?

We work through the muscle, particularly the trigger points to free them and restore quality of movement. This breaking down of trigger points and restoration of the correct movement patterns is vital in helping people manage chronic pain.

Imagine what a dramatic decrease in your pain levels would mean to you – and your loved ones.

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